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Travel With A Bucket List in Phuket

Travel With A Bucket List in Phuket
Diamond Resort Phuket
June 15, 2023

Travel with a bucket list in Phuket put all together for you. Because we know you missed Thailand and your holiday feelings. The top 10 most visited countries in the world in 2022 prove it.

Our local insider expertise brings you a bucket list for your holiday in Phuket. Travel guides bine together authentic experiences and tourist attractions activities.

Kickstart Your Holiday

Nothing else can beat a cozy zip welcome drink as a kickstart to your holiday. Diamond Resort Phuket welcomes our guests with a unique welcome drink with a view of the 52-meter swimming pool. And the local insider guide to getting started on your beach holiday.

Thai Massage

Doing nothing day brings your joy throughout the day. You may want to embrace your first day with a fresh coconut or mocktails at the poolside. Thus and so Infuse Restaurant offers choices to pamper you.

Since you are in Thailand and prefer a relaxation day, time to let your body, mind, and soul feel revitalized. Thai massage is an excellent pick. Our neighborhood has several massage shops, but which one is perfect for you. Our lovely guest service has an In-Room Massage menu for your choice of treats.

In-Room Massage by Diamond Resort Phuket is available daily from 10 AM to 9 PM. Contact our guest service now and reserve your massage treatment straight to your room.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is definitely on the bucket list. You wonder what makes this rice noodle dish well-known around the world. The Tourism Authority of Thailand describes this menu as ‘…chewy and tender, are stir-fried with a ‘three-flavored’ sauce, with the refreshing crunch beansprouts and chives.’

Tropical Fruit Delivery Excitement

Tropical fruit is year-round from different parts of Thailand. So don’t miss exploring savor fruits while enjoying your relaxation in Phuket. Our insider guide recommended tasting local crunchy pineapple, sweet durian, mangosteen, and langsat.

Thai Iced Coffee

Thai iced coffee! Yes, it is remarkable as your authentic experience. This list may surprise you. Yes, it is simple and easy to order in many countries.

Most Thai iced coffee is made with Arabica or Robusta, condensed milk, cream, and brown sugar. Keep this in mind! in Thailand is only called ‘Iced Coffee’, and also don’t mix up with “Iced Black Coffee – the name in Thai is Kopi.”

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea is mainly made from Ceylon tea mixed with condensed milk and evaporated milk. What is so special about this refreshing drink on a hot day or early morning? It has a strong taste from black tea together with creamy and mildly sweet.

Let’s say Italian starts their glory day with espresso. Thai people somehow start the challenge day with Thai Iced Tea.

Magic of Sunset On The Beach

There are many reasons to fall in love with the sunset. It is a timeless powerful symbol and inspires writers, poets, and singers to describe its beauty.

Conveniently, we provide a complimentary daily shuttle service from Diamond Resort Phuket to Bangtao Beach. So you can enjoy and immerse and enjoy your memorable experience with the horizon sky and brighten up your mind at Bangtao Beach.

Street Food and Night Markets

The street food market in Thailand is probably an adventure place for tourists. The night market offers local food for you to try. It is a lovely style to hang out and share food in case you want to taste everything at the market. Diamond Resort Phuket brings you directly to Fun Friday Avenue Market. It is located only 5 minutes by free daily shuttle service.

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